• Private Sector Development

    Private Sector Development

    Enabling entrepreneurs to contribute to economic growth and social welfare

  • Trade and Regional Integration

    Trade and Regional Integration

    Managing Regional Integration processes to ensure market access and social benefits

  • Social Development

    Social Development

    Planning and implementation of development initiatives

  • Democracy and Government

    Democracy and Government

    Promoting public services and citizens’ participation

  • Energy and Environment

    Energy and Environment

    Promoting sustainable development through inclusive green growth initiatives

  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Public-Private Partnerships

    Ensuring sustainable development through PPPs

We provide consulting and training services to Governments, organisations and companies, assisting in economic and social development processes on policy and organisation level. With a flexible structure and a dynamic network of experienced consultants, we provide premium services and innovative solutions for our clients globally.
We deliver applicable and sustainable results. Through a demand-driven approach, designing interventions based on identified needs and ensuring that our clients take ownership of processes from project conception to delivery of hands-on results, we help our clients to commit to change and receive long-lasting benefits in return.
In doing this, we draw on international technology transfer and strategies which enable cooperation between research, industry and Government. Thus, our approach is defined by the way we work:
We focus on the customer
We provide innovative solutions
We deliver sustainable results